Who We Are

Innovation is in Our DNA.

Who We Are

G.C. Andersen Partners traces its roots back to the groundbreaking and transformational financing solutions pioneered by Drexel Burnham Lambert. While at Drexel, our partners played integral roles in the creation and engineering of some of the most revolutionary financing structures the world had ever seen. These structures, unprecedented as they were at the time, are now regarded as essential to the sustainability and success of the financial markets globally. In fact, many facets of the financial ecosystem we know today would not exist without these crucial “industry firsts.”

Throughout its history, Drexel was responsible for countless innovative solutions that changed the face of financial markets forever. Many remember the firm for its famous, headline-grabbing deals, but the true legacy from that era lies in the fact that substantial, innovative, and iconic companies were built that changed industries the world over and continue to prosper.

The financial structuring acumen of Chris Andersen and Michael Milken was instrumental to the successful capitalization of many renowned companies of that period. Their dedication to engineering solutions to solve their clients’ greatest challenges when no answers were thought to exist produced deals that helped fuel the business strategies of Sir James Goldsmith, T. Boone Pickens, John Malone, Michael Blumenthal, and Wayne Huizenga, whose companies included Diamond International, Grand Union, Crown Zellerbach, Mesa Petroleum, TCI, UNISYS, and Blockbuster.

More recently, these insights have been influential in the development and success of companies such as United Rentals, United Waste, XPO Logistics, and Terex.

Our expertise is spread evenly around the partnership. We bring a comprehensive and dynamic catalog of experience and insights to the clients we work with today:

  • Our partners average over 30 years of industry experience

  • Our partners have led industry practice groups at several different firms

  • Our partners have served on the boards of directors of significant public and private companies

Our value proposition of bringing innovative solutions to complex problems faced by our clients works. It works because our partners possess the intellectual capital necessary to develop the right transaction structures and the depth and breadth of experience to ensure their execution results in successful outcomes for our clients.

We are your top choice if you are looking for a financially sophisticated and creative banker.


Community Involvement

G.C. Andersen's professionals contribute to the strength and health of our communities. Nonprofit donations and sponsorships are an integral part of our firm's philanthropic initiatives. Here are some of the organizations we believe in and support.